Belief Creates Power

I crawled on the floor and under the desk in my office area of my home.  I had rearranged the desk and other things to be able to have a blank background for a video interview I was fortunate enough to get to do for a job I had applied for.  My sister and I had worked the night before to see what the video and background would look like. 

I have a tall torch lamp next to my desk and had used it the night before when we were getting things ready.  I was again doing things to prepare for this interview and remembered that Brandyn and I had talked about the possibility of having more light focused on the front of me, as the light sources I was using were above and to the rear side of me, this one was the torch lamp.  Now, as I crawled under the desk to plug in the little lamp I’d brought out from my bedroom, I found myself looking for the extension cord I knew I had plugged in and set up in this area already.  I find a part of the cord and begin to pull and follow the trail to find the end of the cord.  I thought I’d find the female end of the cord, but as I began to feel the release of tension, knowing I’d found the end, I was surprised to find that it was the male end of the cord that I had pulled out from behind the bin I’d had it wrapped around. 

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Now I could see the outlet to my right, the empty outlet that had only a small, three plug adapter plugged into it.  I was confused as I pulled up the male end of this plug, wondering why it wasn’t plugged in.  As I followed the other end, I found that the torch lamp was plugged into the female end of the cord behind the ladder shelf that was standing against the wall.  I stood there very confused.  I realized that this lamp that I had turned on just the night before was not plugged in.  I turned the power mechanism of the lamp to try to turn it on.  It remained off.  I stood there more confused.  I hadn’t unplugged this lamp the night before, I had only rotated the knob to turn the lamp off.   I thought that maybe the lamp wasn’t really plugged into the female end of the cord and that I was confused, so I plugged the male end of the extension cord into the outlet, (the formerly empty outlet).  I then tried to turn the lamp on and low and behold, the lamp illuminated.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. 

Now, some people may think that I had unplugged this cord and just forgotten that I’d done it.  But I hadn’t.  And as I’m writing this page, seconds after this incident happened, I know what I know.  I did not unplug that extension cord, I had never even plugged it in—which made me wonder why it had worked last night when my sister and I were testing out the video interview lighting.  Then it hit me…. this lamp was never plugged in at all, but I believed at the time that it was.  As soon as I realized or had seen with my own eyes that it in fact was not plugged in, the light didn’t work.  Was it my perception and belief that the lamp being plugged in is what caused the lamp to work?   Or was it my realization that the lamp was not plugged in, my belief that it wouldn’t work—was what caused the lamp not to work.  You get to think about that one and come to whatever conclusion you like.  I know what I know, and I know what I experienced.  I can’t explain why it happened, but it sure has given me more belief in the concept that our thoughts create what is—or what isn’t.  It’s all up to us.

And just for the sake of science and detail—I had unplugged the only ‘thing’ plugged into this outlet, the night before—an empty room freshening plug in, Apple cinnamon scent. 

Also, as I was trying to find the end of the cord and pulled the end to release it, this cord had been buried under the soft -sided trunk container that was folded and stuffed down the side of the storage bin.  The reason I say this is because I knew, once I had released the end, that it wasn’t plugged in and hadn’t been plugged into the outlet the night before, and it still turned on the night before.  Unexplainable things happen every moment of every day if we will only pay attention and take notice.  How often do we consciously remain in the moment and notice these things around us? Author Dr. Wayne Dyer said “When you change the way, you look at things, the things you look at change.” and he’s absolutely right.

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