Relationship Goals

He’s a Police Officer, a Firefighter, and a paramedic, and he proudly served our country as a Navy Medic.  One of the things I love most about him is that he texts me to tell me where he is and where he’s going.  I didn’t grow up in those circles of employment and service.   I have worked since I was 14, and usually have 2 jobs at once just to make ends meet.  

But most of the careers I’ve had in my lifetime haven’t required constant check-ins for location and next-call destination.  It literally just hit me that if I only text him to tell him that I love him or to say hi, without including my plans and moves for the day, he feels disrespected and untrusted.  

You see, in service fields like Police, Fire, and Military, communication is trust.  That trust amongst those brothers & sisters is only built by constant communication check-ins throughout their tours and shifts.

I didn’t realize that his need for those location and plan check-ins help keep us connected if not more so than the sweet, flirty texts we’re always sending each other.  This is now something I will make a priority every hour, to ensure that the trust, respect, and love that we’ve built will only get stronger and stronger.

Brianne Roberts
Brianne Roberts

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